Debit Card Information

PCAs must have their paycheck direct deposited into a bank account or on to a debit card. Please click on the link below to download the Stavros FI Direct Deposit form. The direct deposit forms must be filled out completely and include documentation (for proof of account) from your financial institution. Please remember the consumer and/or surrogate cannot be on the account you wish to have you paycheck direct deposited to. Return completed forms to the Stavros FI office. Information pages on direct deposit can be found by clicking the link below.

US Bank Focus Blue Debit Card

The U.S. Bank Focus Blue Debit Card can be used by PCAs to receive their pay via direct deposit. Please see the informational materials below. To sign up for the card, please use the U.S. Bank Focus Blue application and return it to Stavros FI for processing.

1199 SEIU Green Dot Debit Card

The 1199SEIU sponsors a debit card option through Green Dot. Below is the Green Dot flyer with information about the card and a link to sign up for it.